Mission Screening & Updates

Posted: September 14, 2007 in Bandido, Chicano, documentary, independent filmmaker, Oscar Gomez, Pepe Urquijo, UC Davis, Xicano

clapping people

Thanks everyone for showing up last night and missing another espisode of Top Chef, (I wonder what they’d do with an elote, some chilé and a vending permit?) Thanks also to Galeria for hosting the event. Please visit my blog for upcoming pepelicula screenings and Radio Bandido, my lastest project, updates.

Radio Bandido
With a bludgeoned body and lungs full of seawater, Oscar Gomez was found along the shores of Santa Barbara, CA in mid November, 1994. Oscar was 21 years old, a Chicano activist, radio DJ, and he was my friend.

Oscar was in Santa Barbara at a rally protesting and covering the newly passed Proposition 187, the anti-immigrant initiative, when he was killed. People believe what took place that fatal night was a conspiracy by the authorities, some a premeditated murder and others an accident. Who would of wanted to kill Oscar?

Radio Bandido explores Oscar’s life, his murder and the Chicano political turmoil of California in the 1990’s that transformed Oscar from a football jock into an important DJ activist known as “El Bandido”.

Justicia para El Bandido


  1. Maria Salgado says:

    when does this documentary get released?


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