Howdy gente,
First let me start off by wishing everyone a belated-2 week
in Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year. According to the
Mayans we’re 4 years away from the end of time. Can’t wait!
Meanwhile, I’m bringing you a pepelicula update. Here goes:
’07 started with me in L.A. but ended with me in
San Quentin State Carcel
Here’s how it happened, over the summer Beni Matias
from NALIP passed my info on to some folks creating an
intensive 6 week film class to a group of nine incarcerated
men. I gladly accepted the challenge and it was a marvelous
experience. With help from lots of people but especially
Shane King, Diana Brodie and Anthony Marchitiello, I taught
these 9 first time filmmakers and together we all produced
9 short but powerful films that ranged from an “Iron Chef”
spin off to water conservation rights and the Klamath River
to the Birdman of San Quentin. Each film has its own
compelling story both in front & behind the camera. The
finished films were shared with San Quentin’s general
population and from what I’ve learned the men are still
applauding these first time filmmakers visions.
More on this later… in the meantime check out
my SQ squatting/squinting soccer pose.
Since the new year, I have been literally
on the road working hard with award
winning documentarian Ilan Ziv and his
timely doc “A Journey Among The Believers”.
We are documenting/talking with grass root
activists and ordinary folks from across
the country with views from across the
ideological spectrum about how their faith
in God will or will not influence their
vote in the upcoming presidential
elections. The transition from San Quentin
fog from the bay to Pennsylvania’s snow plowing trucks has
been amazing. We’ve already passed through Iowa,
Indianapolis, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut,
Massachusetts and I write you this update from New York.
We are gearing up to pick back up on today and head to:
Ohio, Kentucky, the Carolina’s, Alabama, Florida and finish
the road trip in Oklahoma City on Super Tues. Feb. 5th.
Ride with us here or here.
2008 Pepelicula’s
“Radio Bandido” my documentary
about the stolen life and
times of Oscar “Bandido” Gomez
continues and I gather more
interviews and details about
his last days in Santa Barbara.
Which includes a return visit
to the shores where he was
ultimately found on the beach,
exactly 13 years later. I plan to have a rough cut of the
film done this year.
This past summer, with the help of my good buddy/creative
collaborating compañero Eric Escobar, I wrote an
undocumented romantic comedy entitled “Casi, Casi”. This
spring, our plan is to use all of our resources and help
from our friends (which may be YOU!) and make this feature
film for under $1,000. Wish us luck, it’s going to be
fantastic!!Looking forward to staying in contact &
connected with you this year. And if you have read this
far, we’re off to a great start-thanx!
con pasión,
  1. Dude, good to hear from you. I thought you had fallen off of the face of the earth (or at the very least the Internet). Looking forward to seeing some of these projects. If you’re looking for an editor, you know where to find me.

  2. Esau says:

    WOW! it sound really cool what you doing. Le me know if are going to make a stop in Chicago. Te compro una chela! Suerte!


  3. kathy says:

    pepe! you’re work is amazing…hats off to you and the crew! you should come to Michigan and speak to the Arab communities in Dearborn. it would be a great/important addition to the documentary.

    keep sending the updates, and stay warm, bro!

  4. Cyn says:

    I was just wondering how things were going for you! I am so glad to hear that things are going well. Anyway keep us up on all your new projects. Holla when you get back to the bay…
    p.s. How’s the hair??????

  5. Kevin says:


    Keeping busy. Good to hear from you. Look me up when you get back. Happy to help with the new film. Actor/ Editor/ Tape dubber.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Love hearing from you Pepe…keep up the creative work….Enjoy New York and all its flair….I’ll be at your next benefit gig ….may you keep flowing….

  7. Eric says:

    Glad you’re writing for the world, and getting the early publicity campaign started. see you soon!

  8. Caipo says:

    Sup Pepe!
    Keep up the great work brotha!
    Estamos en contacto


  9. Hijole!
    Congrats Pepe on all your success. You so deserve it! If you ever come through Albuquerque give me a holler.

  10. sandy close says:

    What great news.
    The Quentin film, the on-the-road interviews about faith and politics,
    all of this makes me drool as an editor!

  11. Bad-Ass Pepe!!!!!! Powerful and needed!!!! I look forward to learning more and so glad that this track is being blazed. We need more of this!
    ~Andrea from ATX

  12. sonya says:

    What? You in Nueba Yol and you no call? That’s messed up, homey.
    Anyway, the projects sound great. Pa’lante.

  13. Fabiola Flores says:

    Hola Pepe, always working I see! thanks for sharing your work. I am in nyc–don’t know when you will be around here but you should contact me. Fabiola (from HoraceMann Middle in SF)

  14. O RRA LE! Get down my Space brother! Quetzalcoatl is giving you wings! (I personally consult Quetzalcoatl for most electoral decisions I make– even though these bastards are all anti-immigrant — I’m voting with/for the Muslims) Receive the atheist blessings and Sandinista/Marxist confidence and future support of your friends from South Califas, en la tierra Tongva/Chumash, in these, the last days of the Year of the Reed.
    from Aztlan with love,
    Chicano Secret Service

  15. Judith Segura-Mora says:

    Ya me diste vital signs! I wondered what was going on when I didn’t hear from you? But it obviously sounds like you were in the trenches doing good work.

    I’m looking forward to the “Radio Bandido” project this coming year. Thanks for the update. Cuidate, enjoy the scenery on your roadtrip back to the pacific coast…talk to you alrato.

  16. rosalia says:

    q-vole Pepe! always nice to hear from you especially nice to hear you’re still on the movida. If you need a place to crash in phoenix, caele.

  17. fabi says:

    I am so proud of you. Who would of thunk it … I still have memories of the little angry Chicano from C.O.C. You see everyone, hard work, passion and skill will get you places..

  18. cris says:

    ahhhh… so maybe this is why you don’t respond to my e-messages. (at least lemme feel better about it.) stay warm and enjoy. coo experience. question: how do y’all decide what states to go to and who to interview?

  19. Rosa (South Central) says:

    Don’t know you personally but I remember receiving your emails and I wondered what new projects you had going on. You’re working on some great projects and I look forward to the one on Oscar “Bandido”…he always made me laugh when he was around.

    Mil saludos and suerte!

  20. Edgar Aguirre says:

    Pepe! Congrats on all the amazing work. Keep it up brother. That true believer project sounds tight! Hechale ganas, guey!

  21. elmistikko says:

    Orale brothie..good to see the I leading the path..of the Visionary Film Maverick! Rock on you crazy cineasta! IRIE RASTA! si se pudo.

  22. Sergio de la Mora says:

    Hey Pepe! Awesome to hear you are doing so well as I would expect you to. I can’t wait to see the new work you’ve produced. Keep on moving on!

  23. Sandra Ferrer says:

    Hey Pepe!
    Love this new page! Glad to know whats up with you.
    Will we see you at the benefit for my Pancho on Feb. 1 at the Brava? Let us know if you are going to make a movie about the mexican musician cancer posse that we want to start! HA!
    Love ya Homeboy!

  24. Jessica Yu says:

    Pepe — you’re working on all cylinders! Good luck with everything, it sounds like it’s the kind of interesting, challenging stuff you want to be doing. Happy year of the boar (not bore),

  25. Daniela says:

    hey there!
    El Blog se ve bien lindo- como tu espirito!
    You must be finishing up the crazy on the road interviews!! I hope you get a chance to rest before the next adventure.. Can’t wait to hear more about your different projects… suerte con todo, Dani

  26. Mauro Garcia says:

    Pepe, when are you coming back to the Bay? I want to invite you to speak at City College, if posible.

  27. Ernesto Urquijo says:

    Hola Primo- On behalf of your cousins here in Arizona, We would like to congratulate you on your continued success. I must say that we’re not surprised to hear/read of your success. Years ago when you and I ventured into Mexico to go and seek out our long lost cousins, during that time I noted how bright and talented you were and how you have a very quick mind for your profession. With those combined attributes with your relentless work ethic and commitment it’s obvious that you have a wide open future ahead of you. Good luck to you and may God bless you.

    Your primo,
    -Ernesto Urquijo

  28. pepelicula says:

    Primo Neto,
    U and all my AZ family rock and are always in my heart. Thanks for the kind words. Our road trip to connect the Urquijo dots was a classic, including the midnight run! Awesome times! Will hopefully be seeing you and our southwest scattered familia sometime soon. Please send your family a big & fuerte abrazo.
    todo lo mejor,
    -tú primo joselito

  29. Bob Makela says:


    I’ve watched a couple episodes of San Quentin Film School and am finding it to be great TV. Amazing work you did with those guys. I myself am producing/directing a documentary called “PrisonSport” and I was hoping I could speak to you about one of the inmates featured in my film, Kenny Stallings, who you also worked with. I’d love it if you could drop me an email and I can tell you what I’m looking for. Thanks for your time. ~Bob Makela


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