Posted: January 6, 2011 in Bandido
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Sincerest greetings to you for stopping by. My name is Pepe Urquijo.

I am creating a documentary about the life and times of Oscar “Bandido” Gomez. Oscar was from Baldwin Park, CA and was attending UC Davis when his life tragically ended on the shores of Santa Barbara, CA in 1994. My purpose for creating this blog is to share his work, his passion for life and his musical selections as a pioneering DJ/Activist known as El Bandido. Oscar was a friend to many, me included, and as the years pass and the circumstances of his death are left unresolved it is critical that the work he created and more importantly his voice continues.

The excerpt from above (subtitles for the Spanish language impaired coming soon, promise) is a good example of how he used radio to “edutain” the masses by quoting Zapata and playing a nice beat beneath it. I know you’re probably saying, “Psst! Please, I can do that on my iPhone.” This is very true. But Oscar was doing this in the early 90’s and he was doing it from a tiny community radio station in the rural part of California, and most noteworthy, Oscar never reached his 22nd birthday.

town shout outs

Bandido's Barrio's

That day in Santa Barbara we all lost an important voice, this blog will ensure it lives on for all to take something meaningful from. This is only the beginning. So relax, kick back.

I plan on keeping you updated with my progress with Radio Bandido and let you be part of the process. Just as Oscar’s radio program La Onda Xicana was on the air to open up dialogue between Chicano activists, this too is a place for anyone to share a story, a photo, a “rolita” (a jam or a song) or anything connecting to Oscar, whether you knew him or not, this space is here.

Please pass this blog along and stop by again. I’ll keep it as fresh as possible.

Thanks again for stopping by, ay te blogeo.

Enjoy this til next time:

  1. indio says:

    Mil gracias! We truly miss our brother, but he is not forgotten. And I think that he also had a second show on Sunday mornings called La Onda Bajita.

  2. pepelicula says:

    Indio, thanks for your post. La Onda Bajita is a show on KPFA.
    Here’s the link:

  3. Estevan Meza says:

    I remember listening to la onda bajita on kpfa…i tuned in from West Sacramento, Ca. I still have some of the programs on cassette tape. I think i even have some with El Bandido on them. I have never met him but he was definitely a part of my life through radio..may he Rest In Peace.

    • Pepe Urquijo says:

      Q-vole Estevan, that’s cool you tuned in from West Sacras, a lot of gente were faithful listeners too. Thanks for stopping by and please come back, we’ll have other stuff for you to check out.


  4. Orale Pepe Felicidades. Very important project you are putting together. Tenemos que documentar nuestros heroes, el trabajo de la raza, animar a nuestra gente y presentar al mundo la realidad Xicana. Gracias

  5. Rafael Herrera says:

    ¿Q vo Pepelicula? Un saludo desde oklantitlàn. ¡Felicidades con el proyecto! Mi carnal y yo vamos a grabar un poco de mùsica para la pelicula. Estamos en contacto. Un saludo a toda la raza, en especial la de Calecia/ Valle imperial.

    Rafael Herrera

  6. Pepe Urquijo says:

    ¡Es toro! dijo la vaca.
    That’s muy chingon brother.
    ¡Gracias por el saludo y alli estamos y no nos vamos!

    un abrazo,


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