“…with the Chance to Change the World Around”

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Young, Gifted & Brown by Joe Bataan

Today is Oscar’s birthday, he would of been 38 years old. This song, down to the weather, optimizes him and his struggle. It’s a great tune.

Friday was a great day of shooting for Radio Bandido. Thanks to both Judith (+ Alejandro) and Eddie for sharing their time, memories and experience. Special thanks to Roberto for mastering the light & frame.

Today in Southern Cal, Oscar’s family & friends will celebrate his birthday with a small gathering. And in Northern Cal, Oscar’s Davis & Sac family will be throwing down some pozole and celebrating his birthday.

Wish they’d hurry up with those cloning machines, I could use one right about now.

Once again, this space is here for friends of Oscar and for anyone interested in learning more about his story. If the spirit grooves you send him a birthday wish or post us your favorite pozole recipe.

con confianza,

Happy Birthday Bandido!



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