photo by Zack Killoran

Click on Oscar for a great story from that trip.  This photo was taken in 1993 when Oscar & a group of Brigadista’s went to Cuba.  Under Oscar’s chin is a press pass, which explains how come he’s so close to the statue of Marti, Oscar & the Brigadista’s were, according to fellow brigadista Noah Smith, “sitting in the same bleachers w/ Fidel and everyone, hella close. That’s when the brigade was always there for May Day.” Legend has it that his audio recorder & more importantly none of Oscar’s clothes made it from their flight from Cancun to Cuba.  Oscar was lucky enough to have homie’s with him that shared their clothes.  What a great story!

Lots of love coming from multiple angles & angels. Thank you to the mero-mero (& mera-mera) backers!  Thank you to all the gente that are pulling for us to reach our our $5,000 goal for Friday.

It’s awesome to hear folks chime in from back & the day with photos & thoughts about Oscar. We hoped this would happen and we sincerely want to meet everyone half way with a chingon (kick ass) documentary!

Help us get there by spreading the word.

-Pepe & The RB Team



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