(Pictured L-R) Izzy, Juan, Ricardo, and Oscar, Santa Barbara, CA (circa 1992) Click on the picture!


“It always comes back to Santa Barbara.”  -Ricardo Tapia

Oscar is pictured here with his homeboys at a Rudy Acuña/Anti-Prop 187 rally in Santa Barbara, CA. For this rally, Ricardo arranged to have these hats made to reflect their Anti-Columbus/Anti-Quincentennial stance and everything that the celebration embodied. The tri color lettering in a black hat represented their Mexicanidad and the silent protest against the political multi-front attack against immigrants and the Latino community. Symbolically, Santa Barbara, at that time, represented one of many “ground zeroes” where Oscar entered the political arena. This is the only picture of the four of them together at one time.

  1. Pepe Urquijo says:

    Click on the picture of Oscar & his homey’s to hear a great story from KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman about meeting Bandido and his work. Enjoy this & stay tuned for more stuff from the world of “Radio Bandido”.

    -Pepe & The Radio Bandido Team

  2. Sharon_Torres@sbcglobal.net=============Sharon Torres========================= says:

    What a wonderful young man. He loved his homeboy Fast Eddie who would take him under his wing. The memories are all over the place. His spirit lives through each of us. Remembering a Warrior!


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