“Dyrell was local to the Vacaville area and took us on a little tour of sorts on the way to SF.”
 -Duane Tut

Today , we share this picture of Oscar and his friends which was taken moments before a San Francisco road trip.  Clockwise from top, Dyrell, Oscar, Lamont and Duane.

Also, we hear from Judith, one of Oscar’s friends at UC Davis who nurtured a young Oscar into the Chicano moviemiento.  She shares with us how amongst Oscar’s other skills, he knew how to negotiate his friendships and his being.


Bandido returns to the airwaves for La Onda Xicana’s “4th of You Lie”.
DJ Aztec Parrot mixes Bandido’s broadcast with an interview and update on Radio Bandido with filmmaker Pepe Urquijo.  Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments.

  1. Rosi Reyes says:

    This is a great commentary on the experiences so many of us had as young chicanitas or latinas.

    • Pepe Urquijo says:

      Thanks for sharing Rosi, I could listen to Judith speak for days, I did back in the day. She has a very calming effect and is a natural leader. You know it had been a really long time before her and Eddie, the gentleman in the video also, spoke. The planets lined up & I was lucky to have their participation. Soon you’ll see more from this exchange of memories about Oscar & the people of that time.

  2. wonderful work especially in documenting Xicana Historia for the community and for the academic world, the work of our brother PEPE URQUIJO, “Pepelicula” makin’ us proud with another legend Oscar “el Bandido” Gomez RIP 1994. Rest in Music brother y adelante caminante con las patas por delante Pepe, with this historic work.
    Oscar “el Bandido” Gomez, llevó a cabo un trabajo ejemplar de radio difusion y comentario desde una estación pequeña en Davis, California, del 1992 hasta su muerte (asesinato) en 1994 en la ciudad de Santa Barbara, CA. Felicitamos el esfuerzo de nuestro hermano Pepe Urquijo, pepelicula con la contribución del documental listo para salir en Septiembre.

    • Pepe Urquijo says:

      Hey Francisco, all the films I’ve been lucky to make would be lacking soundtracks & heart if it wasn’t for your musical contributions. Thanks for always backing it up. Honored to call you a homey!

      Ese mi Pancho, todos mis peliculas estarian vacio de ritmo y corazon de tus contribuciones. Gracias mano por siempre dar el apoyo. Es un honor ser tu compa brother!


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