Yup we have 13 days to make a miracle happen. It wouldn’t be the first time something like this is done.  For instance Mosquita y Mari made by fellow homegirl Aurora Guerrero, met their goal hours before the deadline and now they are filming and well into their production schedule.  ¡Felicidades M&M Team!  Also, just the other night, two cool cats Nick & Ranko making Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story about a futbol’r who had to leave his own country just to be recognized by his own country, also met their goal.  Congrats R&S Team!

Together these campaign’s combined totals were $300,000!  That’s not a typo, that’s the truth.  I believe they succeeded because people believed in their story and their characters.  And hearing these successful campaign stories only inspire and prove to me that anything is possible.  Especially when our Radio Bandido campaign is only asking for $22,000, practically a quarter of M&M’s budget & 10% of the R&S budget.  Doesn’t this sound like our goal’s doable?  I believe it totally is.

So here I am asking you, backers and soon to be backers, what can we do to get more people excited about Radio Bandido and convert the non backers?  Don’t think I haven’t thought of going to Times Square & jumping on a light post & stopping traffic because I have.  I’ve even thought about hunger striking but the idea of having smoothies til the end of the month kills me :).  I’d really love to hear an idea or suggestion from you. Please take a second and share one.  We’ll try to incorporate it or at the very least start a dialogue which in the end is what our stories are supposed to do, make us think.

So, what you thinking?




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