Unfortunately, since we did not reach our Kickstarter goal, we received $0 funding. Although we made major strides with Oscar’s story we gathered a post production tab. Our immediate goal is to fulfill those obligations to which your support is still greatly appreciated, and to quote a backer, “Paypal doesn’t take a huge cut from bank transfers like Kickstarter… just saying.” The easiest and most immediate way is to CLICK ON OSCAR ABOVE.

We are considering gearing up for another round of fundraising and are exploring ways of making it as exciting and successful for everyone involved. We will keep you in the onda and hope you’ll be part of those efforts also.

We worked hard on this campaign since Day 1. We were joyous to see how many people got behind our campaign. Falling short of our goal did not break our spirits. We received encouraging phone calls, emails, text messages, and postings which continued to ignite our efforts. Here’s why we “keep our heads to the sky”:

  •  1,193 members and growing on the Facebook Radio Bandido group
  •  1,474 hits on this blog
  •  64%, or 100 people were first time backers
  •  155 dedicated backers pledged $9,140 and built an awesome community!

We also built a tremendous amount of name recognition and curiosity around Radio Bandido. It was the talk of many conversations. People from outside of our social circles, encouraged us on and supported. Many people gave and anxiously waited for their arrival to the Radio Bandido house party. Rumors had our project short listed for an Oscar™ before it even premiered! Just kidding :)! Seriously though,


We can’t fathom the idea of this campaign without the support of the following artist’s & gente:

Aztlán Underground
Adelita Serena
“Fast” Eddie Salas
Isaias Rodriguez

Jessica Tully
Jesus Barraza
LUCHA Scholarship (Oscar’s Memorial Foundation)
Rosi Reyes

Sergio Torres

and Sharon Torres.

Continue showing your support for Radio Bandido and be on the lookout for a reloaded Radio Bandido campaign.

-Pepe Urquijo & Darren de Leon aka Team Radio Bandido

p.s. Listen below to Bob Marley & Bandido together at last. Enjoy & “¡Órale pues!

  1. Torres========================= says:

    It will happen…..this I know!!!! His story must be told! It will be told!!!! Si se puede!!!!!! Amor!!!

  2. Pepe Urquijo says:

    Simon que yes que si se puede!!!


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