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Dear Backers and Friends,

Greetings from post-Hurricane Irene land.  All is well.  We wanted to tell you about the progress of Radio Bandido.  We are still standing tall and very busy working on Oscar’s story.  On September 16th, a version of the documentary will be shown as part of SVA’s MFA Social Documentary showcase in New York City.  The amount of seats are limited, but please contact us if you are interested in attending.

We are both very fortunate and grateful for the amount of love and support that was shown throughout our campaign. Even though we did not reach our goal, we were able to raise money through the LUCHA Foundation and our blog.  We need to express our deepest appreciation to those who showed their support by writing us a check or following us to PayPal:

  • The Gomez Family
  • Sandra Navarro
  • Margie Berta-Avila
  • Emily Claassen
  • Mario Torres
  • Norma Trujillo & Family
  • Judith & Alejandro Segura Mora
  • Miguel Capacete
  • Sylvia J. Navarro
  • Galeria de la Raza – Roots & Re-Visioning
  • Teresa Basilio
  • Joyce J Lu
  • Noah Smith
  • Rosario Cervantes
  • Yuki Kokubo
  • Sam Crawford
  • Lizzette Yañez
  • Jeffrey Perlstein
  • Sam Green
  • Rosalee Gonzalez
  • Claire Tran

Together we’ve raised over $2,000.  Although this is only about 10% of our initial goal, it feels like a million dollars to know people believe in Radio Bandido and Oscar’s story enough to not let anything get in their way of contributing.  Again, we thank you.

Later on this month we’ll launch our second round of fundraising efforts and definitely will keep you up to date with the latest news.  In the meantime, stay up with us by visiting us here, Twitter, FacebookYouTube or drop us a note at

Last, a very special Radio Bandido “Q-vo” to Osiris and the YCM crew in Santa Bruta who captured beautiful underwater footage for our film, “¡Gracias mí chavos!”  The Independent in Santa Barbara ran another story about Oscar and El Tecolote in San Francisco wrote an article about the challenges of making Radio Bandido, watcha:

Enjoy your Labor Day and more importantly, have a labor free weekend.

-Pepe & Team Radio Bandido



Unfortunately, since we did not reach our Kickstarter goal, we received $0 funding. Although we made major strides with Oscar’s story we gathered a post production tab. Our immediate goal is to fulfill those obligations to which your support is still greatly appreciated, and to quote a backer, “Paypal doesn’t take a huge cut from bank transfers like Kickstarter… just saying.” The easiest and immediate way is to CLICK ON OSCAR ABOVE.

Several folks are interested in bypassing the credit card fee’s and want to cruise in their feria/$ by way of stamp. Cool! Here’s the best way to float us your support. Make your check, money order, cashier’s & traveler’s check out to:

PEPE URQUIJO (and send it to address below)
School of Visual Arts c/o Pepe Urquijo
136 W. 21st.
1st Floor
New York, NY 10011

We are considering gearing up for another round of fundraising and are exploring ways of making it as exciting and successful for everyone involved. We will keep you in la onda and hope you’ll be part of those efforts also.

We worked hard on this campaign since Day 1. We were joyous to see how many people got behind our campaign. Falling short of our goal did not break our spirits. We received encouraging phone calls, emails, text messages, and postings which continued to ignite our efforts. Here’s why we “keep our heads to the sky”:

  •  1,192 members strong and growing on our Facebook Radio Bandido group
  •  1,500 hits on this blog
  •  64%, or 100 people were first time backers
  •  155 dedicated backers pledged $9,140 and built an awesome community!

We also built a tremendous amount of name recognition and curiosity around Radio Bandido. It was the talk of many conversations. People from outside of our social circles, encouraged us on and supported. Many people gave and anxiously waited for their arrival to the Radio Bandido house party. Rumors had our project short listed for an Oscar™ before it even premiered! Just kidding :)! Seriously though,


We can’t fathom the idea of this campaign without the support of the following artist’s & gente:

Aztlán Underground
Adelita Serena
“Fast” Eddie Salas
Isaias Rodriguez

Jessica Tully
Jesus Barraza
LUCHA Scholarship (Oscar’s Memorial Foundation)
Rosi Reyes

Sergio Torres

and Sharon Torres.

Continue showing your support for Radio Bandido and be on the lookout for a reloaded Radio Bandido campaign.

-Pepe Urquijo & Darren de Leon aka Team Radio Bandido

p.s. Listen below to Bob Marley & Bandido together at last. Enjoy & “¡Órale pues!

“That’s when our love will begin to shine.”  Thanks for those words Mr. Pickett. Lets keep it going! Now’s the time. You have til the midnight hour. Call/text/IM your folks, send them our way, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s be done before, it’ll be done again! ¡Vámonos dude!

-Pepe & The RB Team
p.s. I know you’re reading this blog thinking should I or shouldn’t I. You should. Don’t think about it, today’s the day to do it. Help me finish Oscar’s documentary.

Lets find out and put your money on the $17,000 crazy idea.  ¡Vámonos dude!

For the past 36 days you’ve heard us make you offers you couldn’t refuse, you’ve seen parts of the documentary, you’ve been riding shotgun with us as we cruise down Post Production Blvd of RADIO BANDIDO.  Well, sad to say our fun rides about to be over on Sunday at midnight (EST).  But before we embark on our final stroll this weekend we NEED to pick up mas gente.  But we need firme gente, not the ése’s & ésa’s that simply want to tirar cruise without chipping in for gas and only “Like” or “Share” our project.  The time’s come for YOU to donate.

Let me put the “cruising” motif aside momentarily.

Our film is in serious danger of not being completed if we don’t raise the $22,000 by Sunday. Kickstarter works is in a very Vicente Fernandez way, we either reach “todo” or we get “nada“. Meaning if we only raise $21,000 we get $0.  Can you see why reaching $22,000 is so crucial now?  I hope so.  Unfortunately there is no recalibration and no deadline extension.  It is what it is but the fight is far from over and we have plenty of time to raise the feria.  Did you know over $20,000 was raised overnight and another doc project raised over $215,000 (overall).  It can be done!  Just like finding a Mexican on every block of mexhaTTan. 🙂

PLEASE, take a second and watch the Radio Bandido trailer.  If the spirit moves you after viewing it, lets cruise! and support our efforts to finish Oscar’s story.  Can you think of a better way to end your July than becoming a backer to a meaningful and uplifting documentary?  Besides, it’ll look awesome on your social resume this weekend!

-Pepe Urquijo & Team Radio Bandido
p.s. Spread this message far & wide with everyone you know who believes in hearing, telling and sharing stories of our unsung community heroes.  Here’s how:


“Dyrell was local to the Vacaville area and took us on a little tour of sorts on the way to SF.”
 -Duane Tut

Today , we share this picture of Oscar and his friends which was taken moments before a San Francisco road trip.  Clockwise from top, Dyrell, Oscar, Lamont and Duane.

Also, we hear from Judith, one of Oscar’s friends at UC Davis who nurtured a young Oscar into the Chicano moviemiento.  She shares with us how amongst Oscar’s other skills, he knew how to negotiate his friendships and his being.


Bandido returns to the airwaves for La Onda Xicana’s “4th of You Lie”.
DJ Aztec Parrot mixes Bandido’s broadcast with an interview and update on Radio Bandido with filmmaker Pepe Urquijo.  Enjoy and please feel free to leave comments.

Greetings everyone & welcome.  Before anything PRESS PLAY to the right.  Isn’t that cool?

Yesterday we launched our campaign to finish Radio Bandido.  We got a long way to go but every cent, every go for it & every orale counts!  Special “Q-vole” to Isaias & Elida for jumping on board first!  From time to time during the campaign we will drop some music, clips “informe” you name just to let folks know how we’re doing and to get people excited.  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to tell your friends & family about our kickstarter.  Orale!

-Pepe & The Radio Bandido Team

Howdy gente,
First let me start off by wishing everyone a belated-2 week
in Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year. According to the
Mayans we’re 4 years away from the end of time. (more…)