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Lets find out and put your money on the $17,000 crazy idea.  ¡Vámonos dude!

For the past 36 days you’ve heard us make you offers you couldn’t refuse, you’ve seen parts of the documentary, you’ve been riding shotgun with us as we cruise down Post Production Blvd of RADIO BANDIDO.  Well, sad to say our fun rides about to be over on Sunday at midnight (EST).  But before we embark on our final stroll this weekend we NEED to pick up mas gente.  But we need firme gente, not the ése’s & ésa’s that simply want to tirar cruise without chipping in for gas and only “Like” or “Share” our project.  The time’s come for YOU to donate.

Let me put the “cruising” motif aside momentarily.

Our film is in serious danger of not being completed if we don’t raise the $22,000 by Sunday. Kickstarter works is in a very Vicente Fernandez way, we either reach “todo” or we get “nada“. Meaning if we only raise $21,000 we get $0.  Can you see why reaching $22,000 is so crucial now?  I hope so.  Unfortunately there is no recalibration and no deadline extension.  It is what it is but the fight is far from over and we have plenty of time to raise the feria.  Did you know over $20,000 was raised overnight and another doc project raised over $215,000 (overall).  It can be done!  Just like finding a Mexican on every block of mexhaTTan. 🙂

PLEASE, take a second and watch the Radio Bandido trailer.  If the spirit moves you after viewing it, lets cruise! and support our efforts to finish Oscar’s story.  Can you think of a better way to end your July than becoming a backer to a meaningful and uplifting documentary?  Besides, it’ll look awesome on your social resume this weekend!

-Pepe Urquijo & Team Radio Bandido
p.s. Spread this message far & wide with everyone you know who believes in hearing, telling and sharing stories of our unsung community heroes.  Here’s how:



I met Oscar during my suit against the university of California system that we won but only after the UC spent $5 million trying to malign me and the Chicano movement. Our narrative was kept alive by students such as Oscar who believed in Chicano studies. They would travel the length of California recording interviews and our side of the narrative. It is now up to this generation to memorialize activists such as Oscar who died tragically and is remembered only by a few. He serves as an inspiration and his story will inspire a generation of students who did not live through his experiences. Tragically as we get away from the 60s and 70s people are forgetting the sacrifices made by idealists such as Oscar who worked for no money recording the struggle of the Mexican people. Oscar’s story is proof that some remember. We must remember.
-Rudy Acuña



(Pictured L-R) Izzy, Juan, Ricardo, and Oscar, Santa Barbara, CA (circa 1992) Click on the picture!


“It always comes back to Santa Barbara.”  -Ricardo Tapia

Oscar is pictured here with his homeboys at a Rudy Acuña/Anti-Prop 187 rally in Santa Barbara, CA. For this rally, Ricardo arranged to have these hats made to reflect their Anti-Columbus/Anti-Quincentennial stance and everything that the celebration embodied. The tri color lettering in a black hat represented (more…)